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Two Ecstatically Static Lexuses

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Lexus IS & GS 12

The other day I received a call from Mariano asking me if I was available to shoot his IS250 and his buddy Mike’s GS350. Despite being the weekend before finals I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot these two beauties. Two static Lexuses sitting on some beautiful Strasse Forged wheels, what’s not to love about that? Don’t mistake these two for garage queens for a even second. These two beauts were breaking necks just sitting still while people drove past.

Lexus IS & GS 1

Lexus IS & GS 2

Sitting on Strasse Forged S8 wheels and K Sport coilovers.

Lexus IS & GS 3

Mike’s car had the misfortune to hit some roadkill that took out his front lip not long before the shoot.

Lexus IS & GS 4

Mike’s GS will have it’s own feature in the not too distant future after he is finished with a couple surprises he has planned for it. Soak up this look for now because soon we might being seeing something either a little or a lot different from him and his GS.

Lexus IS & GS 5

Lexus IS & GS 6

Mariano’s IS250 sitting on Strasse Forged R10′s dropped on Megan LP Coilovers.

Lexus IS & GS 7

Lexus IS & GS 8

Lexus IS & GS 9

Lexus IS & GS 10

Lexus IS & GS 11

Original feature: Two Ecstatically Static Lexuses


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