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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Lamborghini’s lightest road going Gallardo, the Superleggera, is a true automotive masterpiece as it’s a lightweight and the most powerful version of the Gallardo line up. Now, take a Gallardo SL, make it a convertible, add “Spyder Performante” at the end, and you have yourself a jaw dropping...

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Miami, currently one of South Florida’s biggest and hottest cities to reside in, is a prime example of why one should be an automotive enthusiast. Turn a corner or walk a block and you’ll see all types of exotic vehicles cruising the streets with all sorts of upgrades. This...

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Cadillac is very well known in today’s automotive industry for being a creator of fine luxury vehicles. Featured this week, is a beautiful Stellar Black Metallic CTS Sedan. Being that a Cadillac is near perfect from the factory, it’s difficult to improve what is already considered “perfect”. In order to give this CTS Sedan...

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